ppp.wP.02(1)“Sylveritas” is meant to imply “truth about forests”.  “Syl” is a prefix meaning forests, and “veritas” means truth.  We chose the name because (a) we specialize particularly in tree- and forest-related work (although we are also much more broadly competent and interested); and (b) we are keen to engage in speaking truth to power – in other words, bringing the best that science can offer to management and policy decision-making.

Sylveritas Ltd. engages in the following types of work related to natural resources and the environment:

  • literature-based analyses and syntheses
  • management and policy reviews
  • planning studies
  • field studies
  • facilitation and training
  • policy analysis
  • environmental assessment studies
  • research design and implementation
  • peer review, editing, and proofreading of technical reports